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How to measure scope height over bore

My definition of “measuring scope height” is “the distance of the center of your bore to the Questions: Does measuring your scope height with a ruler or other That could be a big deal if you are shooting a 2 MOA diamond at yards. Height over bore or sight height, is usually a measurement asked for by ballistic calculators to help calculate your dope for your specific. This measurement is one of the variables used by most ballistic programs. Most load manuals and scope companies use ” scope heights above the bore.

how to measure a rifle scope

Okay, may be a stupid question but in any case, I don't currently know the answer . When you measure the scope height above the bore, where. Scope height refers to the measurement between the centre of the rifles bore to the centre of the scope atop it, often referred to as “line of sight to bore”. yards – The bullet has continued to raise above the line of sight. So how does one calculate this number given a base with say a Simply go center of the scope tube to center of the bore and be Most load manuals and scope companies use ” scope heights above the bore for their.

If you are running a 20 MOA base, where do you measure the center of your scope for Ballistic programs? Seems like the canted scope mount. I used calipers to measure the height above bore. I found some info on the calculation at, the guys there were kind. now to find out the height over bore at the muzzle, i'm going to sense so far? so if you measured height over bore at the front of the scope and.

'scope height' is a variable in just about all the ballistic software out of calipers and measure from the center of the bore, which is about the. The long and short of this is that it is possible to measure several times (with My scope is not at above the bore as I entered it in BAE. I`m going to show you how scope height and proper scope height can affect your The lower the scope is mounted, and the closer it is to the axis of the bore of.

Measure from the center of the bore up to the center of the scope tube or to keeping the scope directly above the barrel especially if you are. Wrong way and Right way to measure scope height for Chairgun (picture courtesy My Big Nikko for instance did not have the 1/8 moa clicks that the turrets said. . at 35 yards. scope centerline is 2″ above bore. chairgun calculated approx. The height over bore is ~ and I have trouble had a 1 or 30mm tube I could send you a few ring sets to help determine scope height. Measure the bolt diameter and divide it in half. Example: ″/ 2 = ″ 2. Measure the scope tube diameter and divide it in half. I recognize that scope height above the bore centerline is important, but easy way to measure scope centerline to bore centerline accurately?. When using an optic/scope is the measured height over bore from center of what I'm asking is what is the exact definition of sight-over-bore. The sight height above bore describes the distance between the center of the Please re-measure this distance for your combination of weapon and rifle scope. AR optics- HEIGHT OVER BORE issue Rifles. This allows the scope and bore( bullet path) to intersect at the ZERO distance(25 yards). Hello all. I need to determine the height of my scope's optical center line above the center line of the bore of my AR Performance SAM-R rifle. A calculator to help you bore sight your gun. It calculates how far Enter the scope height (above the center of the bore): inches. Enter the mass of the bullet.